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Colour your days
Authentic handmade

Our collection          outsite Holland €11,- DHL

About Souljoy Colours

Clothes from India in the north of Holland

Souljoy Colours is a shop in the north of Groningen.

My name is Eva Sacchetto and I am a yogateacher. With my students I went of to India for a yogaretreat and I fell in love with the colours and the people and the clothes... I love the creativity, the sunny relaxed style of the clothes. They make you feel as if you're sumer holiday is neverending...

 I know the people who make the clothes. And with every new contact I make for me the friendship, the trust is the ground of the cooperation.

The clothes are made with love and I visit and will visit all the villages where the clothes are made.

I'm a yogateacher and I help people to find relaxation in their life, tranquility, a sense of happines just because we ARE.

I hope to give this message with the clothes of Souljoy Colours. That they may brighten your life and strengthen you in who you are. 

Now also delivery is rest of Europe. 

Transport with DHL €11,-




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